She a Man!

“I am so scared!”

Hot Tub Mama rolls her eyes heavenwards. Shudders her mighty brown scarred shoulders in flabby terror.

PP giggles as she leans back into the hot tub’s steamy watery warmth. What the hell was HTM so scared of, PP wonders. Hasn’t she ever seen anyone with a shaved pussy before? PP did have to admit that this is always a little startling. But hey, whatever. Could have some benefits for certain oral activities even if it seems a little vulnerable in full view.

Or Shave Pussy Woman and her friend were speaking Spanish. It could just be a cultural thing, the shaving. Who knows? SPW was petite, muscular, fit. With an overly obvious religious crucifix tattooed above her shaved pussy. Her toned midsection tan and flat. Her dyed blonde hair tied back carelessly in a stick up off her head back bun. Lots of bangles and earrings, heavy make-up. Sitting on the edge of the tub, completely out of the bubbly water except for her bejeweled ankles dangling over the edge. Hence, the shaved pussy was very much in HTM’s face.

But why she couldn’t handle it was a mystery to PP until the two women got out of the tub, SPW donning an impressive pair of spangled wedgie high heels before heading into the sauna.

HTM slid over towards PP, nodding conspiratorially. “She a Man.”
Nodding in her knowing commanding way, HTM grimaced as she repeated, “She a Man.”
“How do you know?” PP was awestruck and completely amazed. SPW hadn’t looked like a man to her. She had breasts and what looked like the necessary... how can PP put this delicately?

Oh, she can’t. She had a clit. Granted, it was very hanging out there. But hell, she didn’t have any protective pubic hair, so what would you expect?

Evidently, HTM thought that what was hangin out there was NOT a clit as she began making strange finger motions to somehow convey that what It was was a Penis. Holding up two fingers with her right hand and then with her middle finger of her left hand she rubbed in jerky little spirals on the first two fingers. Obviously HTM had some interesting sign language attached to the male genitalia.

Not knowing how else to react, PP just started cracking up. She just couldn’t believe that HTM was right and the penis fingering demonstration sent her over the edge. “Maybe I’ll go into the sauna and check her out…..”

Completely alarmed, HTM grabbed PP as she tried to make her way out of the tub, “NO NO! You no go there! Wait! You wait!! It not safe. They do SEX massage.”
“Are you kidding?” Now PP was really curious. She wanted to see the Sex Massage with the SPW or Transgender and her Spanish Masseuse, and tried to politely free herself from HTM’s iron grip so she could head into the sauna for the show.

Now part of PP knew that HTM was either overreacting or PP was just misunderstanding her broken English. Yet a bigger part of her really wanted to go check out the SPTransgender in the sauna. She just didn’t know how to escape HTM.

Suddenly, there was no other option.

PP just started to laugh. It was all too funny. The YMCA, of course, is a place of diversity and acceptance. Maybe HTM was right. But if she were, she should be a little more accepting. And since she wasn't, well, hell. Laughing did seem to be the only answer!

Such frivolity, was not HTM’s way, and PP knew this, as she gently disengaged herself and slid past her. HTM gave a mighty sigh, settling back at her favorite corner jet in the tub. Watched out of the corner of her squinty brown eyes as PP climbed out of the tub, still giggling.

Suddenly, an enormous belly laugh erupted from HTM. It rose up and out and filled the echoy locker room with its stupendous mirth. PP glanced over at her. HTM was beside herself with giggles.

She couldn't help herself. No matter how much she tried to keep her Authoritative HTM demeanor, it was all too funny. A man in the women’s hot tub. Get out of here!

Wiping her brow and waving her away, HTM eye’s glittered in golden hilarity. “You go. You go….” She sighed, breathless now, easing back into the jet.

PP nodded. Thank goodness she had HTM’s permission to check out the Transgender Sex Massage in the sauna.

Too bad it was all just HTM’s over active imagination.

Or was it?


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