She a Man--Part II

Dear Readers,
If you haven’t read Part I of “She a Man”, it’s in Blog organization and follows this entry.

“You mean she had a Penis!” Incredulous African American Princess exclaims, her dark diamond eyes wide in astonishment. Her 3-inch gold hoop earrings shaking back and forth as she stands majestically nude on the second step of the hot tub.
HTM nods in satisfaction. Finally someone gets what she’s talking about. Honing in on PP she points for validation. “Hey! Hello! You remember? Yesterday?” HTM nods over at PP, who starts to grin. Not again. More Penis Speculation?
“Yesterday?” PP smiles. “What about yesterday?”
”You know!” HTM waves her hand at PP, impatient. Dismissive. Why was she fucking with her when she was in the middle of a story? “That …..” HTM shudders in disgust. Momentarily too upset to carry on.
“What was she?” IAAP asks, shaking her lovely head of braids in long waves. “A hermaphrodite?”
HTM shakes her head. Her indignation fueling her energy back up. Waves such speculation aside. “No….no…. she have a…..” HTM starts to do the Penis Hand job dance again. Today it’s more graphic. She’s thought about it all night it seems. The two fingers on the left hand make a small hole so that the third finger of the other hand can do the in and out in and out motion. PP starts to crack up. HTM is seriously obsessed. How marvelous!
“And then……they go in there….” HTM nods toward the sauna. “…and they do Aaaaaahhhhh…..Oooooohhhhh…..ahhhhhaaaaaahhhh…..Oooooohhhh…… sounds!”
“You mean they’re having SEX?” IAAP mouth drops open. “I’m telling you. This is not why I come here. I’m going to buy me a condo with my own pool and sauna and then Those Types can’t come in and disturb me in such a disgusting manner. This ain’t no place for THAT!”
HTM smiles. Satisfied. Smug. At least Someone gets it.
“Can I come to your condo?” PP jokes with IAAP, who looks her up and down, appraising.
“I dunno….” she answers dubiously.
‘I promise I won’t have sex in your sauna,’ PP wants to say. But then chickens out. Maybe she’s going too far joking with these women. They really believe that SPW has a penis and her girlfriend and she were having sex in the sauna and this is gross and nasty and against all principles of the YMCA value system.
“….Oh, all right….” IAAP relents. “You look okay. You can come to my condo. When I get it.”
“Thanks,” PP grins. Can’t wait to go to IAAP’s condo. But too bad about the implied no sex clause in the sauna. PP wonders what she can do to change that.
“…..they come on Monday. You saw?” HTM is pointing at PP again. Undaunted by her lack of cooperation regarding the Penis Spotting.
“Yeah…I saw them yesterday, but I didn’t see any sex in the sauna….”
IAAP frowns like she doesn’t believe PP as HTM starts in again with the Orgasm sounds. “Ooooohhhh…..Oaaaaahhhh…..Ohhhhhh…..” Then she starts to rub her enormous breasts with both hands and PP stares openly in rapt amazement. What a demonstration! Why, this is better than Dancing with the Stars!
“Mondays, huh?” IAAP asks, yawning lazily, completely oblivious to the impact of the Breast Massaging.
“Monday, They come.” HTM pauses, winded.
“What does she look like?” IAAP asks.
“She too skinny…” HTM shakes her head in disgust.
“Oh! I know who you mean. She got blonde hair and real cute figure and a big tattoo on her back here….” IAAP turns and points to the small of her back.
“That her!” HTM pounces on the description. “She too skinny. No like!”
“Don’t worry,” IAAP laughs, “she’s not after you!”
“Yeah, you’re not her type!” PP mutters, but no one’s paying attention to her at this point. After all she refuses to validate HTM’s rendition of the Penis Woman Story!
“I’m coming on Monday, then, to check it out!” IAAP climbs out of the tub. “Hey, anyone got a extra towel? I need one to keep my braid from losen…..I just called upstairs and no one even answered the phone. Hell, someone could die down here and they’d never know it.” IAAP's scorn filled the steamy room.
“Speaking of which. Did you guys hear that a woman passed out in the hot tub this afternoon?” PP asks, remembering the weird scene upon her arrival to the Y’s women’s locker room that afternoon.

HTM nods, all knowledge of the YMCA is hers. “That woman. She Asian Woman. She old. She fall down.”
“I saw someone lying over there where you are,” IAAP nods to the corner above where PP soaks. “She seem okay to me.”

“She okay!” HTM waves any concern in the air away. PP nods. It had all seemed pretty distressing or at the very least, disorienting. When she’d entered, she was confronted with the official YMCA spokeswoman who was informing everyone who entered the Locker room that someone had passed out in the hot tub. “She’s ok. But the paramedics are coming through pretty soon, so you might want to get changed over there,” waving vaguely toward a line of lockers past the Hot Tub No Pass Zone. PP made her way over to them thinking how surprising it was that women didn’t pass out in the hot tub and sauna all the time. Hell it was amazing how much stamina some of these women had. Sitting in the hot tub for 1 or even 2 hours at a time. PP always felt like she was gonna pass out after 10 minutes, esp. if she hadn’t eaten in awhile.

“Mondays, you say?” IAAP interrupted her musings, as she wondered why it mattered that the paramedics had to be shielded from all the changing women. Don’t they see women in various states of disrobe in their jobs everyday? Or maybe it was for the women’s sake that they were being told to stay out of sight? Hell, it didn’t make any sense. If someone were really in bad shape from passing out in the hot tub, shouldn’t they be closing the locker room completely?

Hell, PP would want them to do this if she were lying there passed out.

“You come?” HTM was asking IAAP as she stood in front of the sink now, rinsing out some fruit and then redoin the head towel as she started to munch on an apple. PP has always thought it’s really weird to eat in locker rooms, but for HTM, it’s a daily ritual. Biting down on the apple, she continued to nod at IAAP.
“Yeah, I usually come at 5, but next Monday I’m gonna try to make it earlier.”
PP wanted to shout out, for the Sex Show? But refrained. Again they were so serious. It was almost as if HTM was selling tickets to a big event and in a way, it was.

At least for her.

Sighing, PP stood up in the tub, then caught herself, feeling a little dizzy. Was it the heat? The talk?

Nah, it had to be HTM’s sex show that had caused her weak knees.
Even though she wasn’t her type.
HTM still made some awfully good orgasm sounds while demonstrating how a penis worked before massaging her ample breasts.

If only PP could put on such a show!

Maybe in her next life.

Or maybe next Monday!


poetowen said…
Great story. Made my morning.
The men's locker room was never
this much fun. A few ladyboys
would have been a welcome sight.


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