A Failure at One Line, but.....

Tonight, what with a nasty itch left over from the antibiotics and the humping homos upstairs, PP finds herself in a profoundly cranky mood, making it difficult to summon up the delight she had at the Y last night in the pool by herself, and in the Hot Tub/Sauna (aka Utopia) with DL. Maybe if she keeps writing it’ll come back to her?

OK, PP keep writing. Actually she even made some notes this morning after her shower (cause everyone knows this is where the best creative thinking happens—other than the pool, of course), so, start with these. She was gonna try to do the ‘one line’ blog like Joe from Canada, but she’s way too meandering, tired and sour. But Hell, one never knows where the writing will lead.

The notes, PP, the notes:

“My Tile Guy could fix it like That.” –Confident Hot Tub Woman snaps her fingers after she and DL watch Spastic Chinese Girl slip on broken, decrepit tiles surrounding the tub and fall splashing into the bubbly water behind a completely oblivious PP jabbering away at DL about Hot Tub Mama's Ridiculous Sink Ownership story from the day before. SCG kept giggling, so they all figured she was OK. But still. CHTW’s Tile Guy needs to be called in to the Y pronto!

“I think you said, ‘Exercise is the Best Revenge,’ but I heard, ‘Sugar is the Best Revenge,”—DL trying to help with the one line blog idea, but she can’t remember the line quite right. Oh, but her line is better, cause Sugar is the best Revenge for that no good lying cheating husband who’s left you for a younger slimmer sluttier woman.

“He’s already hooked up with someone and it’s been less than a month. That hurts.” Philosophical Sensitive Dumped On By Her Man Woman in the Sauna for whom PP had said the above about Revenge and DL had heard about sugar. PP thinks that PSDOW would like the Sugar line better.

“The Flexi-Seed. You Americans. Put it in your cereal. Make delicious shake.” ---The Goddess of the Sauna giving Cultural Analysis of American Breakfast non-habits.

And then the non-lines, but musings in PP’s head after the shower this morn about the pool:

The water is warm; PP is still cold. Why is this? Her core is cold? The winter sucks? She’s crazy?

Tin Man/Cowardly Lion Swimmer with his Silver Cap and Jowly Grin, gives PP a goofy wink as he stops at the wall to turn, catches her eye, before diving back under the water and splashing mightily with his big blue fins.

The pool, for a brief moment, was like a Dream. PP was not only the ONLY swimmer in the pool, but was, in fact, the only swimmer in the entire pool situation! Only the 12 (well he looked 12) year old Lifeguard after he stopped picking the scabs off his forearm was on deck, screwing around with a pale green hose, preparing for God knows what at the end of the night as PP swims languidly blissfully back and forth back and forth back and forth with no one to crash into, talk to, or wink at.

Ah, the Pool Bliss is recaptured.
Leave it to the power of writing.
Oh, and PP’s inimitable spirit of watery prose…..


Ruth Jameson said…
Well the best one line story I read this morning was one I found on a Francis Bacon web site...
"Talking about art is like dancing about architecture" Steve Martin...
poolpuss said…
That's a good ONE line! Who knew that SM would come up with such wisdom!

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