Swimming Kitty Works? DAMN!

Why oh why must a kitty work? It makes everything so tiresome. And tiring!

PP had the (or so she thought) practical thought to join the YMCA so she could swim after work with her new job. They want her to work at 9 in the morning? Imagine that! So no morning swim on Wednesdays and Saturdays. (They want her to work Saturdays? How is that possible?)

They want her to work all day. Even lunchtime?
No noontime swim?
PP hates this!
Club Mills is only open for a few hours a day. Early morning and evening. Noontime. It just wasn't gonna work!
What's a swimming kitty to do?

So, PP knows that the Y is open all the time. Something crazy like 5 am to 10 pm everyday! Yahooo! So, she thinks, hell, why not join the Y and swim after work at say, 7:30 or 8?

Seemed like a good idea……
Till PP tried it.
She was just too damn tired! The thought of driving thro the stupid tunnel and then down the dark freeway to the scary Broadway Y just was not as appealing as heading home to snuggle with the kitties and watch her tape of AMC!

So, no Y on Tuesday night.
No Y on Wednesday Night.
Maybe Sat?

Yes, this could work. At least it did for one week when she got a free pass. Made herself drive to the Y in the rain on a late grey Saturday afternoon. Completely exhausted after brainstorming with wacky psych students on their dubiously broad Masters Theses….


So, PP knew a swim would be divine if she could only get herself to do it.
And she did.
And it was lovely.

The cute Asian guy that she shared a lane with gave her a very welcoming smile.
And the lady wearing the shower cap while jogging didn’t seem too weird. (Maybe compared to the Psych students?)
And the immensely breasted Anne Rice Reading Dyke in the locker-room just seemed homey.
And the pretty girl with the alabaster skin and pert young breasts spacing out after her hot tub?

Yeah, PP kinda liked the Y. She could get to be a member. Maybe not read Anne Rice or wear a shower cap in the lap lanes, but the other perks?

These could very well be an excellent way to ‘chill out’ after ‘stressing out’ on those cold rainy windy Saturdays.


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