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Pool Puss is trying. She really is, but when she hops out of the Geo in the pouring rain to put money in the meter and spies the rowdy ruckus of dozens of school age children heading toward the Y, she thinks:
Damn. I bet they’re all going to the pool.

Yup. They were.
15 minutes later, PP stands on the deck surveying the dismal pool options on this dreary rainy Monday. (She’d mistakenly thought that with all the rain in the early afternoon post lunch hour that the pool would be calm.)

No such luck.
Screaming kids splashing riotously in one third of the pool.
Spaced Out ‘ Water Walkers’ taking over the other third of the pool.
Leaving only 2 lap lanes available. One with an Arm Beater Splash Action. The other a Weaving Elderly Guy barely keeping afloat.

Overwhelmed Lifeguard spies PP standing miserably confused and hurries over, flaggin PP to wait a minute. Out of breath and apologetic, she rushes up to PP, “I’m so sorry. The pool is absolutely crazy right now.”
“Yeah, with all those kids. I saw…

What a Welcome at the Oakland Y

“You have such a Beautiful Stroke.”
“Thanks, it’s such a Beautiful Pool.”
“That it is. That it is….”
PP dives back under the water as Compliment Woman goes back to her water jogging, rocking gently to the vibes in her oversized headphones wrapped around her dyed Blonde African American Braids.

Finally, PP has taken the plunge and joined the Y. It feels good, even with the over-chlorination and lane-sharing confusion. Cute young Dyke in the Hot tub greets PP with a lovely smile and a “Nice Suit!” PP has her ear plugs in so can’t hear the rest of what she says, but with that smile it musta been nice.

And then Compliment Woman.

Everyone must know that PP is not longer just checkin out the joint, but is really a Member now. There’s a different, friendlier welcome in the air today. And all those compliments.

Well, any Swimming Kitty would be thrilled, especially when even the cute Vietnamese woman who signed PP up complimented her on her smile after takin her membership picture.

What a welcome!


Swimming Kitty Works? DAMN!

Why oh why must a kitty work? It makes everything so tiresome. And tiring!

PP had the (or so she thought) practical thought to join the YMCA so she could swim after work with her new job. They want her to work at 9 in the morning? Imagine that! So no morning swim on Wednesdays and Saturdays. (They want her to work Saturdays? How is that possible?)

They want her to work all day. Even lunchtime?
No noontime swim?
PP hates this!
Club Mills is only open for a few hours a day. Early morning and evening. Noontime. It just wasn't gonna work!
What's a swimming kitty to do?

So, PP knows that the Y is open all the time. Something crazy like 5 am to 10 pm everyday! Yahooo! So, she thinks, hell, why not join the Y and swim after work at say, 7:30 or 8?

Seemed like a good idea……
Till PP tried it.
She was just too damn tired! The thought of driving thro the stupid tunnel and then down the dark freeway to the scary Broadway Y just was not as appealing as heading home to snuggle with the kitties a…