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Swimming in the foggy dusk at Willard Jr. High, PP stops and pauses to put on her fins, spacing out at the far end of the pool. Spies a gray round scurrying fuzzy ball under the benches next to the ivy hillside on the opposite side of the pool.

Shit. Is that a RAT?
PP slips on her fins and swims to get a closer look. Reaching the end, she pulls herself up slightly onto the deck and ….yup…it’s a BIG RAT!

Should she say anything to the always distracted lifeguards? (One is haphazardly sweeping, the other is messing with his goddamn cell phone.)

PP sighs. Decides against notifying the authorities as “Willard” slithers under the bench and into some secret hideaway in the rocky wall. (Remember that movie? ) O H brings it up later that evening. All those RATS on the wild; lose & killing and maiming small children? Or is that just PP’s fantasy? Anyway, it’s pretty funny that she’s swimming at Willard Pool and Willard the Rat is the pool guardian.

As she swims back to the other s…

A Mutual of Omaha Moment

“Hey! Did you see THAT???” PP hollers to JL as she points to the roof of one of the big houses on Hillegass on the way home from the pool. (Have patience, Dear Readers, this is a POOL Story of more than just a ride home from Mills. Which by the way was lovely. The screaming obnoxious terrors, most call them children, were thankfully absent this morn. The peace was deafening and unfamiliar. PP and JL had had a lovely, dreamy swim with only 4!!! people in the pool.)

But now, PP spies what looks like a VULTURE atop this big house’s pointy roof. He looks like an oversized hood ornament as he surveys the scene from his mansion perch. JL has made a U turn and we’re now parked out front of the Vulture’s Stakeout. PP gets outta the car as JL turns off the ignition.

Gingerly, PP inches up the sidewalk, trying not to scare off the Big Bird. But then watches as he flaps his wings and takes off, just as a Cute Guy comes out onto the lawn.
“Did you see that?” PP asks him.
Cute Guy grins at her. PP w…

What this neighborhood needs is a Pool!

Okay, fans, technically this isn’t a Pool story, but bear with PP. A pool could be the answer!

Last night, PP attended her neighborhood Block Party to get to know her neighbors and discuss really stupid stuff like earthquake preparedness (like PP doesn’t have more pressing worries!) and what to do about the motorcycle terrorists on 63rd St. (Okay, they’re not real terrorists, but PP sees them as such since they terrorize her with their obnoxious NOISE (“Nuisance” according to the neighborhood survey), trespassing and all around grossness!

But that’s another story that PP doesn’t think a pool can help.

However, class warfare? PP thinks a pool is the answer!

Sitting on the curb in the chilly dusk, the neighbors are going around the circle introducing themselves and adding little or big asides about their time here in our beautiful neighborhood. All of them have to identify how long they’ve been living in the neighborhood and whether they own or rent their abodes. PP frowns at the survey sh…